Rigged - Stylized Character Girl - Amy Style 4
Rigged - Stylized Character Girl - Amy Style 4

This character has been modeled and packed in 3 Blender versions (2.79 and 2.8, 2.9).

The character has rigged using Blenrig Addon with Blenrig addon attached in the Product file.

The skirt has rigged, too.

In this character file, you will get:

A Rigged Character with full-body, shirt, skirt, high heels, mouth, teeth, tongue

A How to use Blenrig to animate a character in Blender 2.79 and Blender 2.8 Guide

Blender 2.79, Blender 2.8, and Blender 2.9 Files

Using Render Cycles in Blender 2.79, and Render Eevee/Cycles with Blender 2.8, Blender 2.9

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